Ron Louque ...
Excellence in Art Since 1974
Original Painting
Medium:  Acrylic on Board
Size:  45 x 30 in.
Quality:  Refined
Price:     $17,500
Limited Edition Print
950 Signed & Numbered
Size:  24 x 16 plus margins
Price:  $95
        Solid Gold                          194
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I found my subject for this painting at the
Wildlife Center of VA.  The bird was a
patient there undergoing rehab.   Ed Clark,
the manager of the center, named the bird
Junior, as it was young when he was found.  
I actually painted the bird in it's juvenile
plumage.  The setting is high above the valley
atop Franklin's Cliffs in Shenandoah National
Park.  In this large painting,  I painted the
rock outcropping excatly as it existed... a
portrait of the rocks so to speak.  Also, the
background is painted specifically of that

This is a true masterpiece painted to flawless
mechanical perfection on the smooth surface
board, and also painted with exacting fidelity
to the subjects, both bird and habitat.

A mediocre painting is virtually worthless,
but a masterpiece is virtually priceless...
a rare find.
Ron Louque is a Charlottesville, VA artist who creates Realistic Original Oil and Acrylic
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