Ron Louque ...
Lakeside Retreat
Original Painting
Image Size: 11 x 17 in.
Acrylic on Board
Refined Quality
Price: $5,500
Limited Edition Print
Image Size: 11 x 17 in.
Signed and Numbered
Price: $75
The 2000 Plow & Hearth Christmas cover and print.  This is a
composite scene created from various locations along the Blue Ridge
mountains.  Moonlight scenes are peaceful and enjoyable to paint.

Many people think of Kinkade or Redlin when they see a moonlight
scene such as this one, but please know that I have not been
influenced by either of those artists.  The true American Master of
this genre is Dalhart Windberg who perfected this type of painting
over 35 years ago,  and he is the one who gets the credit for
influencing not only me, but Redlin and Kinkade as well.  Thank you
Mr. Windberg.
This is a personalized print.  Your name
may be placed on the sign in the yard.
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