Ron Louque
Excellence in Art Since 1974
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About The Paintings

I have painted approximately 660 paintings during my 34 years as an artist, and
most of them were painted during the first seven years of my career when I was
dependent on selling my originals. This site contains images of both current and
older paintings, including many that were created as early as the mid 70's.  Over
the span of  my career, I have had  the opportunity to broaden the range of  my
painting  styles and  subjects.  While looking through the images, you will see a
wide variety of subjects including songbirds, mammals, birds of prey,
waterfowl, sporting scenes, upland gamebirds and in my latter works, more
classical subjects such as still life, landscape and figurative work.

Painting Quality Categories

"Competition quality"... These are paintings that were created for stamp
contests, and due to their compositional nature, and degree of technical
refinement, they are  more time consuming to produce. So as a result, a small
competition painting will usually cost more than a large one that was painted
simply for a wall piece.

"Wall piece" ...  Paintings that are created for normal viewing purposes, and not
painted to technical perfection.

" Refined" ... Paintings that are created specifically for reproduction-print
purposes.  I spend almost as much time on these as on competition pieces.

Most of the paintings on this site are highly refined, and fall under the above two
categories (competition  and refined), because I have been painting primarily for
art competition and print production over the past 25 years or so.
Ron Louque is a Charlottesville, VA artist who creates Realistic Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Art Prints,
Still Life Paintings, Portrait, Figurative Paintings, Songbird Paintings, Duck Stamp Paintings, Duck Stamp Prints,
Upland Gamebird Paintings, Sporting Art Paintings, Nature Paintings,  Landscape Paintings,  Dog Paintings, Animal
Paintings, Remarques, Waterfowl Paintings, Bird Paintings. Wildlife Artist, Art Gallery.