Ron Louque
Endorsed by the U.S. Department of the Interior

Ron Louque Has Been A Professional, Full Time,  Self Supporting Fine Artist Since 1974.

His paintings have been featured on 29 State Conservation Stamps.

He won the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest, the nations most prestigious wildlife art competition in 2003.

Louque has personally exhibited his work in 88 cities in America.

His artwork has been sold in over 500 galleries across the U.S.

Over 110,000 prints, and over 600 of his original paintings can be found in  public and private collections throughout the U.S.,

Louque's paintings have raised millions of dollars for wildlife and habitat conservation.

His paintings have been viewed by more than 20 million readers of the Plow & Hearth catalog.

Louque's Paintings Have Been Published By:

United State Department of the Interior
United States Postal Service
Smithsonian Magazine
Wildfowl Art
Ducks Unlimited
Wildlife Art News
Bayou State Sportsman
Fins and Feathers
Gulf States Magazine
Sporting Classics
Virginia Wildlife
California Waterfowl Association
North Carolina Wildlife
Louisiana Conservationist
Plow & Hearth
The Ward Foundation
National Wildlife Federation
National Audubon Society
National Duck Stamp Collector's Society
American Masters Foundation
Sport'en Art
Lean'n Tree
Hadley Company
Wild Wings
Sam Houston Philatelics
Numerous Newspapers Across America
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Indiana Department of Fish and Game
New Jersey Fish and Game Commission
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
North Dakota Fish and Wildlife Commission
Louisiana Wild Turkey Federation
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
North Carolina Department of Fish and Game
Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission
Oklahoma Department of Fish and Game
California Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife
Delaware Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission

Louque's Paintings Have Been Featured On Conservation Stamps Either By Contest Win Or
By Commission For The Following States:

Federal Duck Stamp  2003
Ohio Duck Stamp  1985
Indiana Duck Stamp  1986
New Jersey Duck Stamp  1986
Florida Duck Stamp  1987
North Dakota Duck Stamp  1987
North Dakota Trout Stamp  1987
Louisiana Wild Turkey Stamp  1987
Virginia 1st Duck Stamp 1988
Florida Duck Stamp  1988
North Carolina Duck Stamp 1988
North Carolina Sportsman's License Stamp  1988
Pennsylvania Duck Stamp  1989
West Virginia Duck Stamp  1989
Illinois Fur Bearer Conservation Stamp  1990
Oklahoma Duck Stamp  1990
Illinois Pheasant Stamp  1990
California Duck Stamp  1990
Alaska Duck Stamp  1991
Delaware Duck Stamp  1991
Washington State Duck Stamp  1991                 
Louisiana Duck Stamp  1993
Louisiana Duck Stamp  1996
North Dakota Duck Stamp 1998
Louisiana Duck Stamp  1999
North Carolina Duck Stamp  2000
North Carolina Duck Stamp  2001
North Carolina Duck Stamp  2002              
Virginia Duck Stamp 2011                                         
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