Ron Louque
  As an artist and student of nature, I paint primarily from a realist's
standpoint, but I think the best " realistic art" is a combination of both graphic
reality and effect.   That blend enables the artist to go beyond a literal
representation of a subject, thereby creating a feeling, as well as realism in the
work.   The artistic use of light, atmosphere, mood, dimension, edges,  focus
and composition all contribute to the effect of the painting,  but the ability to
orchestrate those elements is crucial to a successful painting.  The concept or
idea is of vital importance. These abilities are developed over time, through
observation, study, experience, and maturation, and they are fueled by

 With all of the above artistic elements working together, the end product is a
painting that  stimulates  an intellectual as well as an emotional response in the
viewer..  Life is governed by facts and emotions.

 Each artist is unique, and we each have our individual ideas, preferences,
tastes, interests and goals that cause us to paint the way we do.

                                                                                    Ron Louque
It is quite easy to create a mediocre realistic
painting, but to create a very fine one is a task
that requires much research, study, skill and self
 Ron Louque
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